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Exchange and return policies


You have 30 days to exchange your product from the time of purchase, the product must come in perfect condition, with its original packaging, label, unused, without stains or perfume smell. You can make the change only for a product from the same collection. You can only make 1 change.


If you regret your purchase, you have 10 days from when you receive the product to return it. If our quality control protocol is approved, the refund will be made within a maximum period of 10 business days (If you paid by transfer, the refund is by transfer, if you paid by credit card it is returned to your same card and if you paid by card debit card, the refund is made to your Mercadopago account).


If your product has a factory fault, you have 6 months to exchange it for another product, as long as your product cannot be repaired.


- Changes, returns and warranty use are exclusively in our showroom, if you are from the region you can send us the product (with your ticket, name and order number) and we will send you the chosen product if it is in stock. For both changes and returns, it does not include the value of the shipment.

- Scarves, colets, bottoms and personalized products cannot be exchanged or returned.

- Discounted products cannot be exchanged or returned, unless you want a change in size.

- Before making a change, return or making use of the guarantee, all products go through a quality control process.

- If you buy a discounted product and want to exchange it for the same product in another size, the price remains the same, and if you want to exchange it for a different product you have to pay the difference.

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